A64 Linux kernel modules

Table of Contents

1. Display

1.1. Required Display modules

Component Config Module .ko
Display core DRM_SUN4I sun4i_drm sun4i-drm
Display modeset DRM_SUN4I sun4i_tcon sun4i-tcon
Display mixer DRM_SUN8I_MIXER sun8i_mixer sun8i-mixer

1.2. Optional Display modules

Component Config Module .ko
MIPI-DSI support DRM_SUN6I_DSI sun6i_mipi_dsi sun6i_mipi_dsi
HDMI support DRM_SUN8I_DW_HDMI sun8i_drm_hdmi sun8i-drm-hdmi

1.3. Internal Display modules

Selected automatically by one of other configs

Component Config Module .ko
Display config DRM_SUN8I_TCON_TOP sun8i_tcon_to sun8i_tcon_top

2. Sound

2.1. Required Sound modules

Component Config Module .ko
Internal codec SND_SUN50I_CODEC_ANALOG sun50i_codec_analog sun50i-codec-analog
Codec SND_SUN8I_CODEC sun8i_codec sun8i-codec

2.2. Optional Sound modules

Component Config Module .ko
I2S support SND_SUN4I_I2S sun4i_i2s sun4i-i2s

2.3. Internal Sound modules

Selected automatically by one of other configs

Component Config Module .ko
Regmap SND_SUN8I_ADDA_PR_REGMAP sun8i_adda_pr_regmap sun8i-adda-pr-regmap

3. Media

Component Config Module .ko
Deinterlace VIDEO_SUN8I_DEINTERLACE sun8i_di sun8i-di
Rotate VIDEO_SUN8I_ROTATE sun8i_rotate sun8i-rotate

4. Devfreq

Support for device frequency scaling (Which is separate from CPU frequency scaling)

Component Config Module .ko
Devfreq ARM_SUN8I_A33_MBUS_DEVFREQ sun8i_a33_mbus sun8i-a33-mbus

5. Crypto

Component Config Module .ko
Allwiner core CRYPTO_DEV_ALLWINNER sun8i_ce sun8i-ce
A64 core CRYPTO_DEV_SUN8I_CE sun8i_ce sun8i-ce
Hashes CRYPTO_DEV_SUN8I_CE_HASH sun8i_ce sun8i-ce
Pseudo-Random CRYPTO_DEV_SUN8I_CE_PRNG sun8i_ce sun8i-ce
True-Random CRYPTO_DEV_SUN8I_CE_TRNG sun8i_ce sun8i-ce
Debug CRYPTO_DEV_SUN8I_CE_DEBUG sun8i_ce sun8i-ce

6. Watchdog

A kernel API for a hardware timer that can reboot the system when a userspace daemon stops responding



Component Config Module .ko
Watchdog SUNXI_WATCHDOG sunxi_wdt sun6i_mipi_dsi

7. Pulse Width Modulation

Used by LEDs & backlight


Component Config Module .ko
PWM PWM_SUN4I pwm_sun4i pwm-sun4i

8. DMA Controller

Used letting peripherals access the system memory without eating CPU cycles

Required for:

  • I2S
  • DAI

Optional for:

  • SPI
Component Config Module .ko
DMA Controller DMA_SUN6I sun6i_dma sun6i-dma

9. Camera Sensor Interface


Component Config Module .ko
Camera VIDEO_SUN6I_CSI sun6i_csi sun6i-csi

Author: Ity

Date: 2024-02-23 Fri 18:00